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Signs of a Great Universal Registry
Three Signs of a Great Online Gift Registry

Online gift registry services are growing in popularity, as more and more people are using the source to surprise their loved ones at the least expected time. In order to derive the best benefits, ensure you have chosen the best universal registry with the following checklist.

A Simple yet Attractive Layout

After signing up with a gift registry service, people can do a whole lot of activities, like shopping, posting their favorite gifts and crafting their profile in the most intuitive way. In order to facilitate usage and offer a comfortable feel, the layout of the gift registry must be simple yet attractive enough to get the users to explore more and share wish lists.

A Certain “Feel Good” Factor to It

Online registry services that carry a powerful brand message or have an interesting origin story are generally more preferred. The reason behind this fact is that gifting is an act that is closely associated with relationships, and a brand that has a people factor to its image earns the trust of users easily.


A surprise may be a well-planned dinner, clothing or an exquisite piece of jewelry. The online registry must have several options while letting the users pick their favorite choice. However, any content or service provided by the third parties through this particular portal will not fall into the responsibility of the gift registry.

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