About Us

About Us
Many years ago, my mother asked me, “Honey, what do you want for Christmas?”

Well, the fact that I had to tell her what I wanted sort of ruined the surprise for me.

I also thought to myself: what if I wanted to get someone something special but I don’t want to ruin the special occasion by asking them what their sizes are or what kind of things they wanted?

What if I wanted to reward someone for a job well done, an anniversary, or just because I appreciate their friendship?

It was at that moment Simple Sizes was conceived, a site where people could share the things they like and the sizes they wear so I can get them exactly the right things in exactly the right size!

We hope you get as much use out of this site as we do. After all, the world is a little better and brighter, more generous and thoughtful, when we give and receive surprises.

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